MLB Lines: What to Know for the Upcoming Season

Jul 22, 2020

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Good news baseball fans: baseball is almost back. The league has finally agreed on a plan for the 2020 season, which kicks off on July 23rd. The 60-game season will wrap up at the end of September, as usual, and proceed with playoffs similar to a regular season.

While baseball is back, things are a little (well, a lot) different this year. A season 100 games less than usual (the regular MLB season typically has 162 games), no fans in the stands, and players opting out of the season doesn’t quite mean that all bets are off this year, but it does make things a little tricky.

If you plan to bet on MLB this year, read on for everything you need to know about 2020 MLB lines.

The 2020 MLB Season

Rather than getting ready for the All-Star game and break as they normally would be doing during the first week of July, MLB teams are getting ready to start their “summer camps” to prepare for the 2020 season, which will open later this month.

Due to an abruptly canceled spring training season, MLB players have not been having organized practices since early March. In the next few days, teams will start training again in preparation for the 60-game season.

Rather than a six-month marathon of games, the 2020 season is more like a two-month sprint to the postseason. Given this short season, MLB lines and odds look a little different this year.

What You Need to Know About MLB Lines

Now that the schedule has been released, the over-under win totals for each MLB team have been released as well. Use these totals and bet either the over or under for your favorite teams. Or, check out our predictions below and go with those.

American League

In the American League, teams are predicted to win the following number of games:

  • New York Yankees 37.5
  • Houston Astros 35.0
  • Minnesota Twins 34.0
  • Tampa Bay Rays 34.0
  • Oakland Athletics 32.5
  • Cleveland Indians 32.5
  • Boston Red Sox 31.5
  • Chicago White Sox 31.5
  • Los Angeles Angels 31.0
  • Texas Rangers 28.5
  • Toronto Blue Jays 27.5
  • Kansas City Royals 25.0
  • Seattle Mariners 23.5
  • Detroit Tigers 22.0
  • Baltimore Orioles 20.5

If you’re looking for who to go with in the American League, consider a subscription to our MLB picks.

National League

When it comes to the National League, the top team is predicted to have 38 wins. The Dodgers are also the favorite to win the World Series.

  • Los Angeles Dodgers 38.0
  • Atlanta Braves 33.5
  • Washington Nationals 33.0
  • Chicago Cubs 32.5
  • Cincinnati Reds 31.5
  • New York Mets 31.5
  • Philadelphia Phillies 31.5
  • St. Louis Cardinals 31.5
  • Arizona Diamondbacks 31.0
  • Milwaukee Brewers 30.5
  • San Diego Padres 30.5
  • Colorado Rockies 27.5
  • Pittsburgh Pirates 25.5
  • San Francisco Giants 25.0
  • Miami Marlins 24.5

If betting on the over-under isn’t your thing, you might want to go with the money line for individual games or pick a World Series winner.

World Series Favorites

The favorites for the World Series are the Los Angeles Dodgers at 13/4 odds and the New York Yankees at 7/2 odds. Third on the list is the Astros, who have been marred by the sign-stealing scandal. How that will impact their 2020 season remains to be seen.

Finally, last year’s World Series champion, the Washington Nationals, have 18/1 odds and are pretty far down the list of favorites.

Over-Under? Dodgers or Yankees?

Now that you know what the 2020 season will look like and the MLB lines for this year, where will you put your money? Will you pick and over or under? Or go with the World Series winner?

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