The Top Tips to Profitable Football Betting

Aug 3, 2018

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According to the American Gaming Association, American’s spend about $150 billion on sports betting each year.

But how much do sports bettors actually lose?

A cool $250 million in Nevada alone.

We’d hazard a guess that America loses a significant proportion of this astronomical figure on football bets. After all, it’s the country’s premier sport.

Without procuring advice from one of the nation’s best football betting sports picks services like Oskeim Sports, you could be one of the millions to lose betting on sports.

So what can you, the gambler, do to turn things around? How can you make money betting on sports?

You could start by adopting these 10 easy to follow tips for profitable football betting.

1. Seek out Legalized Sports Betting


Blackmarket bookkeepers and offshore gambling websites have a seedy reputation. Sure, the odds may be better at times, but there’s the risk of dealing with an illegitimate business that doesn’t pay up.

Graciously, the United States Supreme Court recently overturned a longstanding federal prohibition on sports betting. As a result, most U.S. states are expected to remove the ban.  Be sure to get your football betting advice from Oskeim Sports this season.

2. Learn All There Is to Know About Football Betting


Rather than just looking at odds and ranking, you need to factor in more complex facets as well.

Which players are in form? Who is injured and how will that affect the game? Which offensive strategies work well against which teams?

Once you work out the nitty-gritty, you’ll be better equipped to identify the so-called good value picks.

3. Don’t Always Back the Favorite


Bookies are only human. Sometimes they make mistakes.

A team who is better on paper won’t always come out in front. Perhaps they have a poor history against their opponent, or a tendency to choke late in the tournament.

4. Get Some Help with Football Betting


The above might sound easier said than done. And, if we’re being honest, it is.

Enlist the help of a professional sports betting service to seriously up your gambling game. Not only will they tell you who to bet behind, but you’ll receive some valuable advice to help you master your own picks.

Okseim Sports have crunched all the NFL numbers and certainly know their stuff.

5. Shop Around


Bookies will do everything they can to retain your loyalty, including all sorts of promos and free bets. After all, the industry is enormous.

In reality, you owe them nothing. Shop around for the best odds every bet to maximize your winnings.

6. Take Advantage of Free Bet Offers


With so much competition between bookies, it’s easy to come across free bet offers. These are typically given to entice new customers or as promotions for certain events.

Free bet offers usually require the user to put down a wager. However, if done strategically between various booking exchanges, they can lead to some very enticing odds indeed.

7. Don’t Bet with Your Heart


Forget about who you want to win, and get behind who the best available evidence suggests will probably win. Plenty of gamblers lose out time and time again because they let their emotions get in the way.

Ready to Become a Football Betting Champion?


The above advice, combined with a reliable football picks subscription package, will have you making money on sports betting with the best of them in no time.