Major League Baseball’s Best and Worst Pitchers in April

Mar 29, 2011

My handicapping database closely tracks how individual pitchers perform on a month-to-month basis as it provides valuable information to a sports investor.  While some starting pitchers start the season in good form, many others begin to demonstrate elite command and control after the All-Star game.  In order to obtain the most relevant information, I only used pitchers with a minimum of ten starts over the last three seasons.  Please find below a detailed list of the best and worst pitchers in April:

Pitchers Worthy of an April Investment

  1. Josh Beckett: 10-4
  2. Mark Buerhle: 10-3
  3. Zach Grienke: 10-5
  4. Felix Hernandez: 10-4
  5. Tim Hudson: 8-3
  6. Braden Looper: 12-3
  7. Daisuke Matsusaka: 8-4
  8. Jamie Moyer: 10-5
  9. Brad Penny: 10-4
  10. Joe Saunders: 11-3
  11. Adam Wainwright: 11-4
  12. Brandon Webb: 11-1

Pitchers Who Should be Avoided in April

  1. Bronson Arroyo: 5-10
  2. Barry Zito: 4-10

Investing on those pitchers who excel in certain months has proven to be a profitable handicapping angle, and I will continue to provide a list of those money-making pitchers as we progress through the baseball season.