How Sports Bettors Can Maximize Their Return With Live Betting

Apr 7, 2019

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Oskeim Sports discusses live betting and how to use this option to maximize your return on investment.  Be sure to visit Oskeim’s blog on a regular basis for additional tips on how to become an expert sports bettor.

Live Betting

In the world of sports betting, every bettor should be trying to find their own secret weapon as a way to get an edge on the sportsbooks. Often, this can be a very difficult thing to do. Sports can often play out much differently than the way they were expected or supposed to go, making it hard to string together a number of winning bets.

Now, what if there was a strategy that takes all of the pregame speculation out of the equation? If there was a technique to use that could allow you to react to the game instead of predicting the game, would you use it? If the answer is yes, stick around.

This article dives into the limitless world of live betting, and how to live bet to improve your sports betting game.

What is Live Betting

Live betting is the act of placing a wager or bet on an outcome during the event or game. Most reputable sportsbooks and online sportsbooks offer users the ability to make a bet at nearly anytime during sporting events. Live betting can be executed with any sport and has tons of benefits that can’t be experienced with normal betting.

Live betting allows you to watch as much as the game as you want before placing a bet. With live betting, the spread, over/under, and money line will change by the minute (if not more). Each betting line will react to the game and the events in a game. Listed below is a number of events that have a significant impact on the live betting lines.

Score of the game

The most obvious influencer on the live betting lines is the score of the game that you are betting on. With each point that is scored, the over/under and spread lines are re-evaluated by the sportsbook.

As an example, a lot of defensive stops in a basketball game will force the sportsbook to lower the live spread. On the other hand, a high paced, no-defense basketball game push the over/under number up. The action of adjusting the line applies to all sports.


Injuries to key players can significantly impact a game, and sportsbooks know this. Live betting can allow the bettor to place a more informed bet after the injury, or not risk a bet on that game at all.

Ejections / Red Cards

In big games, emotions run high, sometimes resulting in ejections. This is most prevalent in soccer, where the red card comes into play. A team who suffers a red card will be forced to play a man down for the rest of the match, an event that will obviously significantly affect the betting odds.


One of the many unpredictable variables with sports games is the weather. Live betting allows gamblers to respond to the weather instead of predicting it. Bettors can react to a sudden downpour of rain in a football game by betting on the under, as the rain will likely make it more difficult to score.

These are just a couple of the numerous events that can be taken advantage of via live betting.

How to Live Bet

If you know how to make a sports bet, then you know how to live bet as well. The process of live betting is the exact same as regular betting, with the only difference being the timing of the bet.

Timing is everything when it comes to live betting. The first step to a successful live bet is finding a match or game to bet on. Scout out a game that you have interest or knowledge of, and give it a watch.

During the game, get a feel for how the matchups and strategies play out. While processing this information, monitor the sportsbook lines on your game. When a betting line meets your newly established live betting standards, pull the trigger and make the bet. Make sure to be quick, as live betting lines change quickly.

Examples of when you will not be able to make a live bet

Live betting can be profitable and predictable for bettors, making it a big liability for sportsbooks. The following is a list of times during the game that the sportsbooks will not allow the use of live betting.

During a play

Online sportsbooks will make it difficult to make a live sports bet while action is going on. This time delay is due to the time difference between the live event and the televised action and is the sportsbook’s way of protecting from a fraudulent bet.

For example, it will be hard to make a bet on a football game if the offensive team is driving the ball while going no huddle. The more breaks in the game, the better it is for live bettors. Likewise, basketball games are typically fast-paced games with little time in between scores.

Ideally, bettors will want to wait for a timeout or dead ball to make a wager. Timing live bets is typically not an issue for most bettors, with the majority of live bets going through with no problem.

Near the end of a game

As games are played out, bettors have the live betting option, giving them the chance to wait for an attractive betting line to bet on. If the game is close to being over, the sportsbook has the right to retract live betting. The closer it gets to the end of the game, the easier it becomes to predict the spread, over/under, and money line.

Use Live Betting YOUR Way

When taking advantage of the live bet, keep in mind that it is not exactly the same as making a regular bet. Things change quickly when live betting, forcing the bettor to think and act quickly. Even though live betting can be used to your advantage, always practice responsible bankrolling.

Live betting is a great tool to possess as a sports bettor that can be used in endless ways. With countless live bets available right now, find a winner and make your first live bet today!