Late-Breaking “Steam” Investments Now Available for High Rollers

May 23, 2013

I am always looking for innovative ways in which to provide my clients with opportunities to maximize their return on investment. Due to a variety of reasons, I am required to release the vast majority of my investments many hours in advance of the scheduled game times. However, due to my exclusive access to the most powerful betting syndicates in the world, I am always receiving late-breaking “steam” plays from these professional conglomerates. My own handicapping also uncovers unique investment opportunities only minutes prior to game time. A perfect example of how my proprietary research and analysis can provide excellent investment opportunities within minutes of game time occurred during the NBA Playoffs when the betting public overreacted to the injury to Russell Westbrook. While I placed a substantial wager on Oklahoma City +1.5, I was not in a position to effectively get this information to my client base.

After lengthy negotiations with the various Platinum Club Syndicates, I have been successful in reaching an agreement with them to procure their late-breaking “steam” plays that generally occur within 10-15 minutes of game time. While the financial cost to obtain this information was certainly a factor in my decision-making process, I ultimately decided that both evolution and innovation are paramount in this industry. Providing my valued clients with the best investment advice on the market is also paramount to advancing my firm’s mission statement.


  • Access to professional syndicate ‘steam’ moves within minutes of game time;
  • Access to Oskeim’s late-breaking ‘steam’ moves based upon his proprietary research and analysis;
  • All late-breaking steam investments will be delivered by way of text message for added convenience. This delivery method insures that you will be able to place all wagers without missing any plays;
  • Members can expect 1-2 ‘steam’ moves per week.

Due to the costs associated with obtaining this information, as well as the additional time commitment required from me (both from a handicapping standpoint and from an administrative perspective), I am forced to charge a small fee to implement the “Late-Breaking Steam” Package.

Late-Breaking Steam Investments Package (6 Months) – $449

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Late-Breaking Steam Investments Package (1 Year) – $679

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Best Regards,

Jeff Keim

Oskeim Sports Consulting, LLC


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