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Game Designation/Label Reform

The handicapping industry is saturated by so-called “Games of the Month” and “Games of the Year.” As if these designations were not prevalent enough, handicapping services also utilize micro-designations like “Underdog Game of Year,” “NFC Game of Year,” and “SEC Game of Year” to further insult bettors’ intelligence.

Handicapping services use these terms to help drive sales in a highly-competitive industry consumed by services that engage in unethical and unscrupulous business practices. Sports bettors deserve better, and Oskeim Sports wants to lead the way by implementing the following game designation reforms:

  • Oskeim Sports will have one (1) Game of the Year in each sport;
  • Oskeim Sports will have one (1) Game of the Month in each sport;
  • Oskeim Sports will not use micro-designations like the ones described above.

Oskeim Sports will allow its long-term, documented records of success speak for themselves. Oskeim Sports has consistently out-performed the investment industry and has produced unparalleled results on behalf of its clients.

Oskeim Sports is known for setting new industry standards that puts the interests of sports bettors first. Oskeim Sports’ Game Designation Reform is the first of its kind in the handicapping industry and further distinguishes it from the competition. Honesty and integrity are not just buzz words at Oskeim Sports. They are a way of life.