Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

Apr 13, 2010

When I left my successful law practice in 2007 to establish Oskeim Sports Consulting, LLC, I knew that the handicapping industry was replete with scam-artists (i.e. scamdicappers) who were engaged in unscrupulous trade practices.  However, until I entered the handicapping business on a full-time basis and became a competitor to these scamdicappers, I never knew how desperate some of them were.  While I was aware of the usual trade practices utilized by these purported handicappers, all of which I resoundly reject on moral and ethical grounds, I did not expect the lengths at which these bottom-feeders would go to make a dollar.

My first encounter with one of these scamdicappers occurred last year when I discovered that a purported handicapper (popular on twitter before getting removed from the site for “suspicious activity”) had stolen my personal biography and passed it off as his own.  In short, this competitor had plagiarized my entire four paragraph personal biography that is located on my site (, although he did make one change – the college at which he attended and purportedly graduated.  When I contacted the handicapper to discuss the issue, he flatly denied the charge , although the stolen biography was mysteriously removed from his site within minutes of the phone call.

Now, after three years of hard work and dedication to building the most successful sports investment firm on the internet, I have other scamdicappers stealing my selections.  Not only are these services stealing my picks for their own commercial gain, but they are literally plagiarizing  the concept behind the Platinum Club, which offers selections from the most powerful betting syndicates in the world.  One competitor is so egregious with his copyright theft that he copies the format in which I release the Platinum Club selections to my private clients.  Fortunately, I am the only handicapper on the internet who is affiliated with the most successful betting conglomerates in the industry, and I am the only service that provides these coveted selections to my private clients.

When I developed a business plan for Oskeim Sports Consulting, LLC, I never thought to create an expense column for “legal expenses.”  While imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, I am prepared to take whatever legal actions are necessary in order to protect my company and the hundreds of valued clients who are the bedrock of my sports investment firm.  I have worked far too hard to have other services steal my work product and interfere with my business expectations.