How to Win Betting NFL Preseason Games

Aug 15, 2022

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With one week of the 2022 NFL preseason in the books, bettors are getting their first chance at betting on pro football in the new season. Betting on NFL preseason games is a little different than the regular season. NFL teams have different goals in the preseason and some of those goals are not necessarily related to winning preseason games. Most coaching staffs are more concerned with putting together the right roster that gives them a chance to compete for a playoff spot or even the Super Bowl.

So, how does a bettor go about betting on an NFL preseason game? There is some historical data available that can help. There are also a few things bettors can do to make smarter betting decisions in the NFL preseason. It all starts with the news.

Preseason NFL News

In today’s 24-hour news cycle, you can find NFL news just about anywhere. Watch it. Read it. Go to all the major sports networks or news sites and read the latest NFL preseason news. When lines are released for preseason games, pretty much everyone is in the dark. Often coaches don’t announce who’s playing in a preseason game until the day before it.

Starters typically don’t play much in the preseason, but it’s helpful to know when they will be in or out of the lineup. Knowing who will be playing and who won’t be is a key to betting on an NFL preseason game.

Depth at Quarterback

Just like starting pitchers in baseball, the quarterback has a direct effect on the outcome of every game in the NFL. In the preseason, the starting quarterback usually doesn’t play that much. There’s too much risk. Teams don’t want to lose their starter for the season in a meaningless preseason game.

Teams that have quality depth at quarterback usually do well in the preseason. Veteran quarterbacks that have been around the league will typically outperform those guys just looking to make a roster. Veterans won’t freak out about playing in an NFL game (even if it is just the preseason). They can keep the chains moving and score points against other teams’ backups.

Know the Coaching Staffs

The Patriots’ Bill Belichick approaches the preseason a certain way. A brand new NFL head coach will probably approach it much differently. It pays to know a little about the coaching staff. New staffs will mean new offenses and defenses. It takes time to work out the kinks as teams with new coaching staffs usually have plenty of mistakes early on. Bettors can use this information to help them make better decisions when betting on NFL preseason games.

Track Teams’ Performances

If there are some teams worthy, keep track of their performances each week. Watch who starts the game. With the preseason now at three games, teams will play their first-team guys in Week 2 and most of them will sit in Week 3.

Each team is different, but there may be teams that need to play their starters or key reserves more than other teams. What players are performing well in the preseason? Bettors will only know this information if they keep up with a team – or teams – throughout the preseason.

Shop for the Best Lines

This almost goes without saying. Shop for the best line whether it’s the preseason or regular season. Keep in mind though, that the 3-point line you see in the regular season will probably be more like 1 to 2.5. Teams go for two more and gamble a bit more in preseason games.

That makes it even more vital to shop around for the best available line. A half-point or better juice can make all the difference in an NFL preseason game.

Bet the Ravens

If you’re simply out of answers, you can always bet on Baltimore. The Ravens have one of the best NFL preseason records in league history. They haven’t lost a preseason game since 2015. They started the 2022 preseason with a win over Tennessee. What’s interesting is that in seven seasons of not losing a preseason game, the Ravens have missed the playoffs four times.

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