Are You a Sportsbook Agent Looking for Solutions?

Apr 16, 2020

Booking agents are looking for solutions for a better way of doing business and they are tired of the hassle that comes with this bookie gig.

No matter how you break this job down, it can be a hassle. It can also be rewarding if you work it right and if you are willing to let a company that has been in the bookmaking business for more than 20-years – manage your operations. 

The pay per head industry has been a hot commodity to agents for a long time and it’s getting hotter. The prices have fallen, and the client’s services have risen.

What you must-do if you care about making a great income is to find a PPH provider that specializes in delivering agent solutions. What are the solutions? 

  • An online presence: you can’t survive without it. A vast majority of gamblers are online gamblers, they want to gamble at all hours of the day and night, and they want options – most of which the local bookie can’t supply.
  • Gambling Options: What do we mean by gambling options? We are talking about more than sports gambling but first, let’s talk about the options within sports gambling. What are they?
  • A better than great user interface that places all of the available action for the day on an easy to read website.One that’s smooth, with nice lines and easy to read and view both the lines and odds. One that explains what it is that your client is about to bet on. A great wagering menu. By menu, we mean ways in which to bet the sports or events that are being offered. Bettors get bored with the money line and spread, they want much more and they will find a bookie that offers what they are looking for. They want to bet parlays, teasers, super teasers, reverse action, alternative spreads, and alternative totals. They want proposition wagers, exotic bets and futures, they want it all and if offered, they will bet it all. Are you offering this? 
  • Beyond Sports Gambling: Sports gamblers get bored and in between the action of what they enjoy betting on, they are looking for some other way to give you their hard-earned money. They will be on anything you offer them. What about a casino? You must offer your clients a casino because this will prove to be the biggest money-maker in your arsenal. Casinos rarely lose and when they do lose – the bookie makes it back quickly.
  • A racebook. Sports bettors think they know the ponies and again if you offer a world-class track, it’s a guarantee your clients will spend money. Help them, help you! 
  • No matter what you offer as a gambling option, somebody somewhere is going to gamble on that option and you are going to win big.
  • Find a pay per head that offers you the options that every other “big time” online casino/sportsbook is offering. You are not in competition with the “big boys” but you are in competition with your clients. Your goal is to keep them. You must keep them, and you can’t let them go astray.
  • The PPH providers are now offering a complete package deal that comes loaded with all of the bells and whistles, for around $7 per head, per week. You pay once per head, per week, if your clients play at least once. If they don’t play, you don’t pay, and you only pay once per week for unlimited wagering action. Your client may play as much as they choose for the one time fee, per week. 
  • The PPH does everything for you. They custom-build your website that you control. The daily offerings are set for you each day along with the lines and odds. You can choose what part of the site is available to any given clients and you can set wagering limits. The PPH takes care of all wagering and grading of bet slips and they offer on-demand financial and player reports. 

With a PPH, you are doing nothing but monitoring reports and following your players. You now have the time to market your business and start growing. Call the PPH today. 

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