How To Properly Use Free Picks for Sports To Win

Mar 21, 2020

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If you want to learn how to maximize your free bets to win more money than you’ve come to the right place. Making money on free picks for sports is great, but if you want to win on a consistent basis then you need to learn a few skills and know-how to do research.

In this article, we are going to break down how to properly use free picks for sports to win.

How to Use Free Picks to Win

One of the most important skills to have when optimizing your free bets is being able to do good and thorough research. This is essential to winning and having a good strategic plan.

Every smart sharp and good sports bettors use stats and conduct research before placing their picks on any games.

The Research

There isn’t necessarily a right or wrong way to conduct good research for a game. However, I would suggest starting from the top and look at the biggest averages, major stats, and then work your way down.

Here are common things you will always want to look at and take into consideration for your bets

  • Are there any major injuries or players out?
  • Who has a home advantage?
  • Are teams playing back to back games?
  • Is the weather going to affect the game?
  • What are the team rankings?
  • Is there a new coach?

Once you have information about those, you can start looking at each individual team stats.

You will want to look at:

  • Offensive stats
  • Defensive stats
  • Special teams stats
  • Individual team totals

Now that you have big picture stats and team stats, you will want to review individual player stats.

  • Recent performances
  • Who are they matched up against?
  • Are they sick or been sick recently?
  • Are there any known personal issues going on that player?

Sports reference is a good place to start looking at statistics for this type of research.

After going through all of that research you can start predicting how the game might play out. Now you can really start approaching a game with a good idea of how you might place a bet.

The Approach

When approaching a bet you should never force any particular type, if you do this you can really miss out on a good opportunity on something else.

For Example, if you approach a game and right off the bat want to place a bet just because you like a specific team, then you should stop right there. You need to look at every aspect of the game first, it might be better to bet on a prop or the money line. Look at all types of bets for that game and find the best one.

Placing the Bet

Now that you have all the stats and information about the game, and you’ve approached the game properly, you can determine what the best bet would be with the most value and place your bet.

After thorough research on a game, you can also look at placing bets during live games. Look at the lines and have a plan ahead of time!

Wrapping Up

If you want to properly use free picks for sports and start winning, these are the steps you need to take first. It may seem like a lot to go over for each bet, but if you ultimately want to start winning more and put money in your pocket, then this is the way to do it.

Do your research and start placing those bets to win!