Exposing a Tout Engaged in Illegal Conduct: Betting Jesus

Dec 15, 2014


Background: For those who are not familiar with the issues at hand, Kevin Bennett owns and operates a handicapping service called Betting Jesus.  In the past, Mr. Bennett has been caught plagiarizing my personal biography and using it as his own. After threatening legal action, he ceased from using my bio.  Mr. Bennett has also been caught in the past infringing upon my work and using it for his own commercial gain.

Shortly after threatening legal action again, Mr. Bennett purportedly terminated his illegal conduct with respect to my work product.  Recently, it has come to my attention that Mr. Bennett is once again engaged in illegal conduct by obtaining my information through fraudulent means and wrongfully using it for his commercial gain.  Below is the legal letter I drafted to Mr. Bennett upon hearing of his offending conduct.


Please be advised that I have recently been informed that you have been reselling my copyrighted material for commercial gain.  You have also been wrongfully utilizing my information as your own, and procuring this information by way of fraud and deceit.

Over the past few months, I have collected the requisite documentation to commence suit against you for, among other things, civil fraud, civil theft, copyright infringement, unfair trade practices and tortious interference with business expectancies.

If you do not immediately cease and desist using my information as your own, for your commercial gain, I will have no other choice but to have you properly served with the litigation above.  Be further advised that if you continue to engage in this illegal conduct, I will also seek punitive damages.

I can assure you that my causes of action are well-documented with emails, pictures, IP addresses and sworn affidavits. Many of your existing and/or past clients have contacted me throughout the football season with damning evidence that would strongly support Summary Judgment in the court of law.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.  This letter serves as official notice of the offending conduct set forth herein.

Jeff Keim
Oskeim Sports Consulting, LLC

cc: Wofsey, Rosen Kweskin & Kuriansky

To learn more about Betting Jesus (Kevin Bennett), check out the following Twitter handle: @BettingJesuscam.  As of the date of this article, Betting Jesus continues to copy my emails containing sports picks and analysis.  What Betting Jesus does not know is the fact that he has several clients who are forwarding every one of his emails to my attorneys.

In a somewhat comical twist of irony, Betting Jesus is actively bolstering my lawsuit against him without even knowing it.

Other Information Regarding Betting Jesus:

  • Betting Jesus has been exposed for purchasing tens of thousands of “fake” twitter followers;
  • Betting Jesus has had his Twitter account suspended and/or banned multiple times (see @BettingJesus);

If you would like your voice heard and/or are interested in preventing other sports bettors from being victims of Betting Jesus and his fraudulent conduct, you can write reviews at CapperTek.  Empower yourself.