Exposing Those Who Lie, Cheat & Steal: Part II

Jul 6, 2011

In a previous blog article, I discussed in great detail how certain competitors of mine have engaged in desperate attempts to damage my business reputation by spreading blatant lies and misleading statements on certain internet forums.  While there was considerable debate within my company as to how to handle these reckless claims, I ultimately decided to address the matter in an open letter to the public, while providing the relevant links containing the numerous falsehoods.  Regrettably, as my sports investment firm has enjoyed unparalleled success over the last four years, my competitors have taken notice by engaging in libelous conduct cloaked in malice.  These competitors, all of whom are lashing out in a desperate attempt to save their own failing businesses, have engaged in the following conduct:

  1. One competitor actually plagiarized my 1,000-word personal biography and used it as his own.  When my attorneys contacted the offending member, he immediately withdrew the biography and, shortly thereafter, went out of business.
  2. One competitor actually plagiarized my article on money management and passed it off as his own.  Upon hearing from my attorneys, this competitor agreed to revise the plagiarized article.
  3. Certain competitors have created false and misleading usernames on various forums in an attempt to pass themselves off as Oskeim Sports.  Fortunately, forum administrators have been extremely receptive to my requests to have these usernames (and offending members) banned permanently.
  4. Certain competitors have created fake Twitter and Facebook accounts with the sole purpose of making vail threats against my business and my family.  Fortunately, local and state law enforcement officials have been extremely helpful in both investigating and resolving these issues.
  5. One competitor actually stole my Platinum Club selections for months on end and used them as his own.  However, once my attorneys threatened immediate legal action to enjoin his conduct, Mr. Shurden stopped plagiarizing my selections (and emails).

Now, as my sports investment firm celebrates its 4 Year Anniversary, certain competitors have once again become keyboard gangsters at a certain forum to engage in their tired and unsubstantiated rhetoric.  This time, the claims revolve around whether I actually steal my picks from other handicappers.  While this outlandish claim does not deserve a response, I can simply debunk the ridiculous claim by stating that my propriety research and analysis has received 23 distinguished awards from The Sports Monitor of Oklahoma since 2007. Raging with envy, these desperate competitors build their house of cards by claiming that I am a shareholder of The Sports Monitor of Oklahoma, while also possessing an ownership interest with Ruth (the actual owner of The Sports Monitor).  Such a claim is totally unfounded and completely with merit in that The Sports Monitor of Oklahoma is NOT a publicly-traded company!  In fact, The Sports Monitor of Oklahoma is an independently owned and operated business that remains the gold standard for those who have the honesty and integrity to be monitored.

As my wife likes to remind me, the fact that I am attracting so much attention from my competitors is a good thing as it shows that I am doing many things right.  But, more important than anything else is the fact that my sports investment firm has maintained an 82% renewal rate since 2008, while being the most successful documented handicapping firm on the internet.  As I stated in Part I of this topic, I invite you to join the conversation and welcome your feedback as we approach the upcoming football season.

Best Regards,

Jeff Keim

Oskeim Sports Consulting, LLC



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