Exposing Those Who Lie, Cheat and Steal: Competitors Within an Unregulated Industry

May 22, 2011

When I left a successful law practice in 2007 to establish Oskeim Sports Consulting, LLC, my ultimate goal was to provide the betting public with the best sports investment information in the handicapping industry, bar none.  However, profitable betting advice was not enough as I also wanted to provide a product that was predicated upon honesty, integrity and full transparency.  And, over the last four years, I am proud of the fact that I have fundamentally transformed the sports handicapping industry with a winning product that provides unprecedented transparency (i.e. documented results) and unmatched customer service, all of which has made Oskeim Sports the fastest growing sports investment firm on the internet.

Unfortunately, my unique approach to furnishing dependable and honest betting advice to the general public has caused several competitors within the industry to engage in unscrupulous business tactics in a desperate attempt to tarnish my reputation.  You know who I am referring to: the 900-number dinosaurs and boiler-room operators who pray upon the unsuspecting public with outlandish claims and promises that are based upon fraud and deceit.   Feeling threatened by my success, and after being exposed for the crooks that they are on the internet, these fellow competitors have engaged in a desperate smear campaign that has been both amusing and disturbing at the same time.  I have decided to publish these fraudulent claims in order to take control of the narrative  and to expose my competitor’s pathetic (and amusing) conduct.  I am proud of the handicapping service that I have worked so hard to develop and grow over the last four years, and I invite you to join the conversation as I always look forward to hearing from you.

Link: http://forum.sbrforum.com/service-plays/713667-oskeim-sports-anyone-heard-them.html

This forum post is my all-time favorite as it illustrates the desperate nature of its author(s).

Lie:  “Oskeim Sports is as shady as they come. He does win with the Pinnacle Platinums picks, but the other Platinum Syndicates lose so if one plays all of his plays, one will lose.  His service does not win.”

Fact: The Platinum Club has out-performed the stock market since I first introduced it to the betting public in 2008.  Indeed, the Platinum Club’s sources have generated the following results, all of which are documented and independently verified:

Pinnacle Syndicate: 86-43-1 (67%) since March, 2009

Vegas Syndicate: 58-42 (59%) since December, 2009

Off Shore Syndicate: 15-8-1 (65%) Last 2 Football Seasons

Florida Syndicate: 41-33-1 (55.4%) since 2008

While my competitors and detractors are certainly entitled to their opinion, they are not entitled to their own facts.

Lie: “Just a quick additional note. I heard through the grapevine this guy may be vested with TSM.  There is a reason why he is #1 in everything and it’s not because he is a good handicapper!  Heard this guy basically owns a large piece of TSM as he bought out a lot of their capital.  He is also an attorney so he knows how to manipulate the system legally of course.”

Fact: When I established Oskeim Sports in 2007, I decided to by monitored and independently verified by the gold standard in the handicapping industry: The Sports Monitor of Oklahoma (“TSM”).  Over the last four years, I have received 23 distinguished awards from The Sports Monitor, including finishing ranked #1 in the 2008-2009 and 2010-2011 NBA Regular Seasons.  Of course, I do not have any ownership interest in TSM, and any claim to the contrary is completely disingenuous and totally without merit.  In addition, the assertion that I know how to “manipulate the legal system” illustrates the author’s ignorance of the practice of law and the Connecticut Bar Association, which demands the highest ethical standards from its members.

Lie: “Used to be on the forums a few years back and went tout … His overall documented record is only slightly above 50%… He always has a way to spin his crap like most lawyers…. Best to avoid…”

Fact: As stated above, my documented records are well-above 50%, although my competitors do not want you to know of my success.  For detailed analysis of my documented results over the last four years, please visit http://oskeimsportspicks.com.  You can also find my documented results at The Sports Monitor of Oklahoma, where all of my selections are submitted and time-stamped for independent verification.

Oskeim Sports vs. DOW + S&P 500 (Rate of Return)

2007: 87.2%

2008: 76.3%

2009: 61.1%

2010: 39.2%

After reading the above-referenced posts, I quickly realized that common sense is just not common enough anymore.  As I have stated in the past, if you know better, you will do better.  Regrettably, a couple of my desperate competitors do not know any better and that is why they have dedicated themselves to spreading unbelievable conspiracy theories in a predictable (and tired) attempt to harm my business.  From harassing emails to empty threats on Twitter and Facebook, these folks have shown that they will not stop at anything.  In fact, the greater the conspiracy or lie, the more aggressive these scam-artists become in their failed attempts to damage my sports investment firm.

That is why I invite you to join this conversation in an effort to to shed light upon the fraudulent actions of the scam-artists who pervade the sports handicapping industry.  Together, we can finally bring honesty, integrity and transparency to an unregulated industry that has suffered at the hands of scam-artists for too long.

Note: There was a lot of debate within my company as to whether I should publish this article and, more specifically, whether I should provide the link to the unscrupulous and dishonest attacks.  I ultimately decided to publish this article (and link) because I felt that conducting an open and honest dialogue with the public would bring the truth to light.  Throughout my career as a private litigation attorney and now as CEO of Oskeim Sports, I have always adhered to an open communications policy with my clients.   Consistent with that policy, I once again invite you to join this conversation – I look forward to hearing from you.

Jeff Keim, Oskeim Sports Consulting, LLC