Details on Spotting a Fraudulent Sports Picks Site

Aug 25, 2013


The sports handicapping industry is largely unregulated, which has given rise to countless numbers of unscrupulous sports picks sites promising to make sports bettors rich without accountability.  These sports picks sites are in business for one purpose – to make money by defrauding unsophisticated sports bettors.

Rather than exposing the endless number of scam-services within the handicapping industry, we felt that it would be more productive to outline the unethical tactics used by these pick sites to dupe unsuspecting gamblers.


1. Outlandish Records & Promises of Grandeur – Many sports picks sites will advertise impossible win rates that fly in the face of reality (and logic).  Most professional sports bettors are happy with win rates between 55% and 59%, yet there are handicapping services on the internet that boast win rates exceeding 70% and even 80%! These win rates are simply impossible to obtain over a long period of time and sports bettors should reject such fraudulent claims.

2. No Documentation or Verification of Records – The vast majority of sports picks sites do not provide independent verification of their purported records, which is another red flag for sports bettors looking to retain a handicapping service. Transparency is non-existent within the industry, and sports bettors need to demand more before spending their hard-earned money.  Here at Oskeim Sports, we provide industry-leading transparency as all of our sports picks are published on the homepage and graded against a widely available line at the time of release.

3. Disingenuous Money Management & Pick Ratings – Scam-artists, boiler-room operations and fly-by-night handicapping services release 500,000 Dime Games of the Year and 2,000 Star Locks of a Lifetime on a regular basis, thereby demonstrating no regard for their client’s bankroll or financial well-being.  Oskeim Sports avoids the hype and hyperbole surrounding the handicapping industry by utilizing a simple, honest rating system – 1 Star thru 5 Stars.  Refreshing.  Honest.  Straight-forward.

4. Lack if Independence & Confidentiality – Have you noticed how a vast majority of sports handicapping sites litter their homepage with sportsbook banners and related promotions?  These sports handicapping services are engaged in an inherent conflict of interest as their affiliation with off shore sportsbooks allows them to collect a percentage of their client’s losses at the very sportsbooks they promote!

The same scamdicappers undermine sports bettor’s confidentiality of by selling their personal information, including phone numbers and mailing addresses, to third parties.  Oskeim Sports will never sell or provide your confidential information to third parties, nor are we affiliated with sportsbooks.