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Preview of the 2021 College Football Season

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Even after 2020 tore nearly the entire world to pieces, it seems as though 2021 has as much potential as the Alabama Crimson Tide. In case that did not register, Alabama only has the best 2021 recruiting class in the SEC, but the entire nation. Not that the expectation should be any less than number 1 for Coach Saban but give others a chance.

With the news of the SEC bolstering their roster of teams, College Football may look a little different in a couple of years. In the meantime, prepare to sit back and watch (now rich) student-athletes play the game we all love.

Week “Zero”

The FBS implemented the concept of week 0 back in 1983 where No. 1 Nebraska defeated No. 4 Penn State, 44–6. Since then, the FBS has sporadically allowed teams to start their season a week before everyone else. The games so far scheduled for week 0 in 2021 are Nebraska at Illinois, UConn at Fresno State, Hawai’i at UCLA, UTEP at New Mexico State, and Southern Utah at San Jose State. To be honest, everyone should be pumped for week 0.

With many fewer games than a typical college football Saturday, you can be ready to bet on and watch all of the games. While the list may be missing many big names in college football, that will not stop these athletes from kicking off the season the right way.

Program Dominance

No matter what your stance is on super-programs like Alabama or Clemson, the facts are just four teams have won the CFP national championship in the last seven years. Alabama won in 2015, 2017, and 2020, Clemson won in 2016, and 2018, leaving only the 2014 championship which was won by Ohio State, and then in 2019 by LSU.

These programs have dominated not only the playoffs but the regular season as well. The teams listed above have an astounding record of 98-4 in their championship-winning seasons. The prediction that comes out of that stat is that the championship-winning teams will likely not lose a game the entire year.

Student-Athletes Getting Paid

If you have not heard the news, under a new rule change, student-athletes can now make money off of their likeness. This allows famous (and even not so famous) student-athletes to line their pockets. It is unclear how this will affect players, if at all. What is clear is that broke students (albeit full-ride scholarships) are now making good hard cash, all before even signing their first professional deal.

There are countless well-documented football player cases of the scenario of too much money, way too fast. If anything, this may even further the imbalance of teams. Teams are already using this as a recruiting ploy to lure greater talent. Who knows, the money may just turn out to be a brick in the proverbial wall.


There are a few things that are nearly givens for this college football season. First, almost anything will be better than last season. Yes, last season ended up with some pretty nice football games, but we need to see teams play more than 6 games. Second, Alabama is going to be in the College Football Playoffs for better or worse. The SEC is going to be as dominant as ever but that has rarely even entered the minds of Nick Saban’s Alabama.

Finally, College Football will not disappoint. Even in a down year, we as fans cannot get enough of College Gameday Saturday morning, or student pride, or traditions that are centuries old. Let’s rejoice that it is almost College Football season again.