College Football Bettors Last Chance at Redemption

Sep 28, 2013

It is all too often that Pro Edge Sports Picks receives phone calls and emails from frantic sports bettors looking for a “bailout” game to save them from a day’s worth of losing wagers.  Of course, this approach ignores the fundamental tenets of money management and is a recipe for disaster for the sports bettor.  However, if you find yourself in a similar predicament on Saturday afternoon, the best we can do for you is guide you towards the games that have attracted true steam from professional sports bettors.  Please find below Pro Edge Sports list of games that offer college football bettors a last chance at redemption:

College Football Night Games favored by the Sharps:

  • USC (+4.5) over Arizona State
  • Idaho (+7.5) over Temple
  • Washington State (+9) over Stanford
  • Washington (-9) over Arizona
  • Mississippi (+14.5) over Alabama
  • New Mexico State (+17) over San Diego State
  • Arkansas State (+21) over Missouri
  • UAB (+20) over Vanderbilt

Of course, the true pro gamblers were able to get the above-referenced games at a better number, which is what separates the “pros” from the “joes.”  It is often times said that everything in the betting market is dictated by the numbers, and we could not agree more as our subscribers were able to get several games at significantly better numbers (point spreads) than what is currently available on game day.  If you are  a serious sports bettor who wants to generate a solid return on your investment, you should consider joining Pro Edge Sports Picks – the handicapping service that the professionals both trust and respect.