College Bowl Betting Guide: 5 Rules to Winning

Dec 20, 2013

With the college bowl season upon us, Pro Edge Sports wanted to provide its loyal readers with a betting guide on how to approach the postseason.  Before we continue with our College Bowl Betting Guide, it’s important to emphasize the importance of money management and discipline.  If you wouldn’t bet a certain game during the college football regular season, then you most certainly not bet it now just because it’s a bowl game. Professional sports bettors succeed long-term due to proper money management and selectivity; amateur sports bettors ultimately fail because they lack both key attributes.


  • Motivation – How excited are the teams to be in a particular bowl?  Motivation is the driving factor in handicapping the postseason as some teams had their BCS hopes dashed and are less-than-excited to be playing in the Las Vegas Bowl, for example, whereas other teams are thrilled to be in a bowl game regardless of its name recognition.  The key is finding those teams that are genuinely excited to be playing in December and investing on them;
  • Distance Traveled – How interested is the fan base and how far does the team have to travel over the holidays?  Generally speaking, teams that are forced to travel thousands of miles are going to suffer from a disinterested fan base, especially in pre-New Year’s Day bowl games;
  • Coaching – How much experience does the head coach in getting teams prepared for postseason play?  We like to invest on teams guided by veteran coaches who have been here before and understand the complexities involved in bowl preparation;
  • Revenge – This year’s revenge factor falls squarely on Nebraska, who is seeking to avenge an earlier loss to Georgia;
  • Regional Weather – Historically speaking, the SEC, Pac-12 and ACC conferences perform better in bowl games because the teams benefit from practicing in a warmer climate.  In contrast, the Big East, Big Ten and Big 12 are forced to practice in cold weather and/or in a bubble.

The key is to exercise proper money management throughout the college bowl season, together with selectivity and discipline.  Enjoy the games!