Discover How To Optimize Bets For Current College Basketball Lines

Mar 12, 2020

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As one of the most popular sports to bet on, college basketball seasons offer the best options to bet on. The NCAA Division I has over 30 conferences, so finding the right games to bet on can be difficult.

Thankfully though, there are strategies and guidelines you can follow that will help you start winning bets and put money in your pocket.

This article is going to show you how to optimize bets for current college basketball lines.

How To Optimize Current College Basketball Lines

You never want to just wing it and hope for the best. When you want to get the most out of your bets so you can start making a profit, there are several things you need to look at before you just choose a game and start betting on lines.

Popular Or Favorite Teams

Quite often you will see the average punter will bet on favorites and/or popular teams. Now at first, this might seem logical since they are a good team or might have a good record.

However, if you look at the analysis and statistics punters will place these bets just for the sake of them being a popular team.

By examining stats you can find that in many situations the average punter assumes the popular team is good. If you see this happening it can pay to bet against these teams.

Score Totals

When looking at totals, don’t just pay attention to the team’s recent averages. When looking at those, a simple overtime can throw that stat out the window.

Instead, look for how often that team has either gone over or under a given point total. If you find a trend in either over or under the point line then it might be a bet worth taking.

Look For Value Bets

If you ask any sharps about finding value in bets, they will tell you about going against the public. If you see a big spike in bets going one way, there can be a ton of money to be made from betting the opposite.

Things To Always Consider

Remember to always look at the obvious before placing a bet:

  • Are there any injuries and rest updates?
  • Schedules, are teams playing back to back?
  • Is the team at home or away?

These won’t necessarily make or break a bet, but they should always be considered!

Predicting The Future

No one is actually able to predict the future and tell you who’s going to win. Even the ones that win on a consistent basis.

The reason they have that strong winning streak is from research. This is key, you have to look at records, stats, and data.

Wrapping up

Betting on college basketball is fun but no matter what, never just place a bet on your favorite team and just hope for the best. You want to place your bets based on data and research that backs up your decision. If you follow these guidelines then you will be sure to improve your winning streak.

Remember to have fun and start placing bets on those college basketball lines!