Code Of Conduct

When Jeff Keim left a successful law practice to establish Oskeim Sports Consulting, LLC in 2007, one of his first tasks was to develop and implement a code of ethics that would set his firm apart from the scam-artists who pervade the sports picks industry.

Oskeim Sports Code of Conduct/Code of Ethics:

  • Full transparency, which is achieved by publishing every sports pick made by the featured handicappers at Oskeim Sports for the betting public to see.
  • Every sports pick is supported by detailed research and analysis,  Many handicappers and sports picks sites merely release their sports picks without any analysis, which is the height of laziness.  Members of Oskeim Sports receive sports picks that are fully supported by award-winning proprietary research and analysis;
  • Unparalleled customer service, which is a trademark of Oskeim Sports.  While many sports picks sites fail to develop personal relationships with their clients, Jeff Keim take a vastly different approach as his clients’ investment goals and objectives are of paramount interest to him.
  • Education, which takes the form of daily blog articles, newsletters and detailed money management advice.  While most sports picks sites are strictly concerned with sales and the bottom line, Jeff is more concerned with providing the betting public with the best value for their dollar. Honesty and integrity are the hallmarks of Oskeim Sports; Jeff and his world-class handicappers are here to provide the bettor with an education as well as with profitable investment advice.

Providing industry-leading transparency, together with unparalleled customer service and continuing education are the primary objectives of Oskeim Sports.  Every handicapper at Oskeim Sports subscribes to the principles set forth in the Code of Conduct, and Jeff has carefully selected what he believes to be the best roster of handicappers in the industry.   Oskeim Sports has outperformed the investment industry for nearly fifteen (15) years, and Jeff has achieved this success without compromising his honesty and integrity.  As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Jeff at your convenience.