7 Fun Ways to Choose Your March Madness Bracket Picks

Feb 27, 2020

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Whether you know anything about college basketball or not, filling out a March Madness bracket is a fun way to follow the tournament and maybe win some money (and bragging rights). The great thing about filling out a bracket is that you really don’t have to know anything to be successful.

In fact, the man who had a perfect bracket up until the Sweet 16 in 2019 (that’s a 48 for 48 record) said that most of his success can be attributed to luck. If you want a fun way to make your bracket picks this year, we’ve got you covered.

Here are 7 fun ways to fill out your bracket.

1. Pick Your Favorite Mascots

Who has the coolest mascot? Or whose mascot is your favorite animal? Is one of the mascots named after your pet? Whether you’re a fan of real-life mascots, like Blue, the Butler Bulldogs mascot, or a costumed mascot like the Oregon Duck, use this as a fun way to fill out your bracket.

If you want to get systematic, make a list of all of the different mascots and then rank them. Use your ranked list to complete your bracket.

2. Go With the Dogs

It’s tempting to pick mostly favorites when filling in your bracket, but if you want to change it up, go with all of the underdogs. If you want to get fancy, you can strategize whether to pick the favorite or the underdog based on how they are ranked.

3. Turn It Over to Your Kids

Why not make it a fun activity with your kids?

Let them pick your bracket or give them the opportunity to fill in their own bracket. If they don’t know anything about basketball, they might just find themselves successful, as they don’t experience paralysis by analysis.

4. Flip a Coin

If you really want a random way to pick your bracket, flip a coin for each game. This might be the most fun way to complete your bracket as you never know what the coin flip is going to give you!

5. Guess

If you truly don’t know anything about basketball or how good the teams are, you can guess who the winner is going to be. Maybe you pick teams from your home state, home town, or a school where you went.

Guessing is fun because you might end up with a bracket-busting team, like Chicago-Loyola in 2018, going all the way to the Final Four.

6. Puppy Bowl

Have you ever seen puppies pick the Super Bowl winner on Jimmy Fallon’s show? Why not use this method for your bracket?

Tape the team names above two food bowls and send your pups to pick the winner of each game.

7. Listen to the Experts

There’s no shortage of basketball experts out there to advise you on how to pick your bracket. If you want to make it really fun, fill one out using the experts’ picks and then fill one out with your own picks to see who fares better.

Bracket Picks to Go All the Way

You can win some serious money with correct bracket picks. Whether you’re doing it for fun or for competition, it gives you something to look forward to during March Madness.

If you go with number 7 and want some expert advice, you’ve come to the right place. Oskeim Sports can steer you in the right direction as you complete your bracket. Get in touch to get our picks.