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BREAKING NEWS: Landmark Supreme Court Decision Says States Can Allow Sports Betting


Major League Baseball’s Best and Worst Pitchers in April

My handicapping database closely tracks how individual pitchers perform on a month-to-month basis as it provides valuable information to a sports investor.  While certain pitchers leave spring training and immediately dominate in April, other hurlers struggle to regain their dominance and control from the previous season.  In order to obtain the most relevant information, I only used […]

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

When I left my successful law practice in 2007 to establish Oskeim Sports Consulting, LLC, I knew that the handicapping industry was replete with scam-artists (i.e. scamdicappers) who were engaged in unscrupulous trade practices.  However, until I entered the handicapping business on a full-time basis and became a competitor to these scamdicappers, I never knew how desperate […]

The Government’s Hypocrisy – The Case to Legalize Sports Betting

As I was standing in line at the local convenience store, the federal government’s position on sports betting became a living farce.  The gentleman in front of me was busy purchasing $25 of state-sanctioned lottery tickets, while the woman to my left was pre-occupied with her state-sanctioned scratch-off tickets.  As the man nervously instructed the cashier to input his lucky numbers (as […]

How to Pay the Mortgage with 56% Winners

Sports investing requires a long-term perspective that takes into account three key elements: (1) establishing one’s objective; (2) establishing one’s risk tolerance; and (3) diversification.  I will discuss each of these three elements in greater detail below as they are critical to a successful investment strategy.    ESTABLISHING YOUR OBJECTIVE The first thing that a sports investor must decide […]

Sports Handicapping Methodology

As a professional sports handicapper, I am frequently asked by clients to explain my handicapping methodology and how I research and analyze each particular sporting event.  While every handicapper has his or her own unique handicapping paradigm, I have earned 18 distinguished awards from The Sports Monitor of Oklahoma by utilizing the following methodology: FUNDAMENTAL Approximately one-third (1/3) of my handicapping consists of […]


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