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BREAKING NEWS: Landmark Supreme Court Decision Says States Can Allow Sports Betting


Interleague Baseball Trends and Pitching Matchups

In my previous blog article, I discussed how certain teams have performed in interleague play, which should help the casual sports investor build his/her bankroll.  After finishing that research, I decided to continue my quest for additional trends and statistical data that would be helpful to sports bettors during interleague baseball.  Please find below a ‘micro’ approach to interleague […]

Interleague Baseball Records: 1997-2009

With interleague baseball starting tomorrow, I thought it would be helpful to publish how individual teams have performed in interleague play from 1997 to the present. AMERICAN LEAGUE RESULTS (1997-2009) Baltimore Orioles: 92-122 (11-7 in 2009) Boston Red Sox: 117-97 (11-7 in 2009) Chicago White Sox: 118-97 (11-6 in 2009) Cleveland Indians: 109-105 (5-13 in […]

Distractions and Arrests – A Bettor’s Best Friend

In one of my earlier blog articles, I discussed how one-third (1/3) of my handicapping methodology involves situational analysis.  Situational handicapping takes into account a myriad of issues that affect teams, such as injuries, travel schedules, look-ahead situations, letdown spots and distractions within the locker room.  One of the most overlooked components to handicapping involves the daily distractions […]

Why Major League Baseball Bullpens Matter

In April, I published an article on the importance of quality bullpens when handicapping Major League Baseball.  While the inherent strength or weakness of a team’s bullpen is a critical component to handicapping baseball, I continue to witness sports bettors over-emphasize the matchup between starting pitchers without taking into account the respective team’s bullpens.  In an era of strict pitch […]

Common Mistakes Made by Sports Bettors

Failure to Exercise Proper Money Management – If a sports investor does not adhere to a sound money management system, he will ultimately lose his bankroll and suffer financial loss.  No matter the investment (stock market, savings account, sports investing, etc.), one has to develop and implement a strategy that can procure a realistic financial objective.  In the gambling […]

Major League Baseball’s Best and Worst Pitchers in May

My handicapping database closely tracks how individual pitchers perform on a month-to-month basis as it provides valuable information to a sports investor.  While certain pitchers leave spring training and immediately dominate early in the season, other hurlers struggle to regain their dominance and control from the previous season.  In order to obtain the most relevant information, I […]

The Attributes of an Honest and Reputable Handicapping Service

While the internet has become the birth place of hundreds (if not thousands) of purported handicapping services, the average sports investor undoubtedly struggles to find an honest and reputable sports investment firm.  As a result of the rapid growth of the handicapping industry online, I felt compelled to discuss the characteristics and practices that define an honest sports handicapping service.  As always, if […]

The Importance of Choosing the Right Sportsbook

As a professional handicapper, one of the most common questions that I receive from sports investors involves the extremely important task of choosing a reputable off shore sportsbook.  The gold standard for sportsbook reviews is Sportsbookreview.com, which provides detailed analysis and reviews of over 700 sportsbooks located throughout the world.  Sportsbookreview.com is the ‘Consumer Reports’ of the sportsbook […]

The Key to Wagering on Major League Baseball: Quality Bullpens

In an era of strict pitch counts and the prevalence of injuries due to fatigue, the importance of a team’s bullpen is paramount to the sports investor.  That importance is highlighted best by the Milwaukee Brewers as their bullpen has already blown five save opportunities in the first fifteen days of the baseball season.  Overall, 38.5% of the save opportunities have been blown […]


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