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BREAKING NEWS: Landmark Supreme Court Decision Says States Can Allow Sports Betting


The Award-Winning 5 Star Club: 62% Documented Winners S/’08 – **High Rollers Only**

With March Madness right around the corner, prospective clients continue to inquire about my exclusive 5 Star Club.  The 5 Star Club averages 4-6 selections per month and is reserved for serious sports investors and high rollers alike.  Indeed, the 5 Star Club has produced a documented 62% winners since 2008, while earning 22 distinguished […]

The George Mason Patriots: The Sleeper No One Wants to Face

The Colonial Athletic Association is often times overlooked by pundits and gamblers alike when talking about the NCAA Tournament, but this year should be different with the emergence of George Mason.  In fact, George Mason enters the third week of February with an impressive 23-5 record, including registering thirteen consecutive wins.  And, before college basketball fans discount those […]

Rate of Return Trumps Win/Loss Record in Sports Investing

One of the most overlooked components to sports investing is one’s rate of return on investment.  In many respects, a sports investors win/loss record bears little relation to his annual rate of return, especially when taking into account baseball investments.  Due to the fact that Oskeim Sports is predicated upon honesty, integrity and full transparency, […]

How to Win Betting College Basketball

While football certainly attracts the most action (and money) from a gambling perspective, college basketball provides a sports investor with unparalleled opportunities to make money.  Please find below some of my investment strategies with respect to betting on college basketball: AVOID THE MASSES– By talking with your friends, reading the local sports section, scanning the […]

The Agony of Negative Variance & How to Keep a Long-Term Perspective on Sports Investing

While I have garnered a solid profit of 57 net stars in 2010 (thru November 21), which is an annual rate of return exceeding 50%, the last three weeks have been extremely frustrating due to negative variance.  Despite the recent downturn wherein we have dropped approximately 7 net stars to the bankroll, my handicapping has been sound as we […]


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