The Best Sportsbooks for Online Sports Betting – Reduced Juice, Bonuses, etc.

Sep 5, 2013

Betting Talk recently conducted an interview with Billy Walters, one of the most renowned sports bettors in the world.  During that interview, Walters said what we have been saying for years – “sports betting in Las Vegas is at an all-time, all-time low.”  Artificially-low limits imposed by what is becoming a sportsbook monopoly is one of the key issues keeping professional sports bettors from Las Vegas, together with poor customer service and outdated business practices.  You can read Betting Talk’s full interview with Billy Walters here.

With Las Vegas failing, neglecting and/or refusing to cater to serious sports bettors, the relevant question becomes what are the viable alternatives to the brick and mortar casinos? And, while Pro Edge Sports is not affiliated with any sportsbooks whatsoever, we refer sports bettors to the Sportsbook Review and its Recommended List of Sportsbooks to find the most reputable off shore sportsbooks in the industry.  For U.S. citizens, Pro Edge Sports believes that the best sportsbooks for online sports betting are the following:

  • 5Dimes
  • Bookmaker
  • Heritage
  • Diamond Sportsbook (BETDSI)

Many of the above sportsbooks offer reduced juice options at the time of joining, which is far more lucrative than choosing the one-time cash bonus or free play.  5Dimes and BETDSI offer outstanding live betting options, which is an excellent feature for serious sports bettors looking to diversify their trading.  With good customer service, accessible mobile applications and reliable payouts, these sportsbooks received an ‘A’ rating or better from SBR.  And, they offer a benefit above and beyond the cash bonuses, reduced juice, etc. – the ability to place wagers in the comfort of your own home.