Best Marketing Strategies in the Gaming Industry

Dec 24, 2019

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When you own a sportsbook there’s a constant struggle to find new players. Not only do you need to source new players on a constant basis to build your player list, but you’ll also find that you won’t retain everyone and will need to replace players you lose.

Without active players, you’re not going to make any money in the gaming industry. Prior to engaging in marketing strategies, you should ensure your website is optimized. On-site SEO optimization is important because there’s no better source of prospective clients than Google.

Ranking in the search engines for keywords related to online betting is the best free marketing you’ll ever receive. However, the competition in the search engines for sportsbooks is extremely tough. Things you should focus on when optimizing your website are page titles, keywords, descriptions, structured data markup, providing a good user experience (UX) and strong calls to action.

Ways to Market Your Online Sportsbook

Ranking in the search engines doesn’t happen overnight. Optimizing your website is the first step, but then you’ll need to start utilizing marketing strategies to build up your SEO. Here are some of the best marketing strategies for empowering your business.

● Content Marketing: All the rage in recent years has been content marketing. The goal is to produce useful content that will resonate with prospective clients and then distribute the content everywhere you possibly can, including other websites, forums, and social media. One sportsbook that utilizes content marketing effectively is Pinnacle Sports. You can take a look at the type of content they produce by visiting the “betting resources” section of their website.

● Social Media: In my experience, Twitter is the best social media site for marketing to sports bettors, however, you should also utilize Instagram, Facebook, and Telegram, among others. ● Referrals: Your current players are one of your best marketing tools. Treat them right, make sure they’re paid quickly and it won’t be long before they’re referring friends/family.

● Sponsorships: You’ve likely seen how some of the big bookmakers sponsor sports teams. While the average bookie owner can’t afford that type of exposure, you should look into sponsoring content producers on Youtube or on sports betting podcasts.

● Paid Advertising: While I don’t recommend investing a lot of money into paid advertising initially, once you’re bringing in consistent revenues it’s a great way to expand. In some countries, you can even advertise using Google Adwords, but it’s extremely expensive. There are numerous paid advertising options other than Google.

In fact, many betting websites or forums offer inexpensive paid ads. The most important thing when engaging in paid advertising is to track everything effectively so you can easily determine where you’re making/losing money.

● Email Marketing: You should build an email list so that you can market new promotions, bonuses and other important news to the list. Running an email marketing strategy is inexpensive and has proven to be one of the best ways to engage with potential clients. There are a lot of strategies to utilize when marketing your online gaming website. A bit part of your job as a bookie owner is to market your services to as many potential clients as possible.  Learn more about PayPerHead:

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