Major League Baseball’s Best and Worst Pitchers in May

May 2, 2010

mlbMy handicapping database closely tracks how individual pitchers perform on a month-to-month basis as it provides valuable information to a sports investor.  While certain pitchers leave spring training and immediately dominate early in the season, other hurlers struggle to regain their dominance and control from the previous season.  In order to obtain the most relevant information, I only used pitchers with a minimum of ten starts.  Please find below a detailed list of the best and worst pitchers in May:

Pitchers Worthy of a May Investment

  1. Matt Baker: 7-3
  2. Josh Beckett: 12-3
  3. Fausto Carmona: 10-5
  4. Cole Hamels: 14-3
  5. Scott Kazmir: 10-5
  6. Ted Lilly: 12-6
  7. Daisuke Matsuzaka: 9-4
  8. Vicente Padilla: 11-4
  9. Oliver Perez: 8-4
  10. Johan Santana: 11-4
  11. Todd Wellemeyer: 9-4

Pitchers Who Should be Avoided in May

  1. Doug Davis: 4-10
  2. Kyle Lohse: 5-11
  3. Gil Meche: 6-12
  4. Carlos Silva: 3-10
  5. Jarrod Washburn: 5-10

Investing on those pitchers who excel in certain months has proven to be a profitable handicapping angle, and I will continue to provide a list of those money-making pitchers as we progress through the baseball season.