MLB Betting; All You Need To Know Guide

Mar 20, 2020

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Although the origins of baseball remain a mystery, baseball betting is an art and science that anyone can master if they want to make some extra cash.

Before you pull out your wallet, make sure you read through our baseball bet guide. It will help you get some tips so you can make the best possible decisions while betting on games.

Keep reading to learn more about how to bet on baseball so you can start making money on the side.

1. Know The Types Of Bets You Can Place

There are several different types of bets you can place on MLB games. These include:

  • Moneyline bets
  • Run line bets
  • Total over/under bets
  • Parlays
  • Prop bets
  • Future bets

Start with one type of bet and keep doing it until you have it mastered before you try your hand at some of the others.

2. Pick A Team Or Two

During the summer, there are numerous games scheduled every day. This makes it impossible to take the time to study each match-up well enough to make a good decision on every one of them.

For that reason, we recommend picking just one or two teams to follow every season. Just bet on their games so you always have the time to make sure you’re picking the best choice.

3. Follow Expert Advice

To take a lot of the guesswork out of betting on baseball games, get MLB betting tips from experts. Following their advice can help you if you’re new to the world of sports betting or on the fence about a game.

Be sure to check the betting history of the expert before you place your money on them. A good handicapper will be completely transparent about their wins and losses so you can trust them.

4. Watch The Pitchers

Whoever is standing on the pitcher’s mound has a profound impact on how the game will go. If a team is resting an amazing pitcher, their chances of winning drop dramatically since they won’t be able to play a good defense.

5. Know The Umpires

Another person that can determine how a game will go is the umpire. Look at who’s calling the games and their history with that team and calls. This additional knowledge could help you know which team has the best shot at winning.

6. Check The Recent History

How many games has that team played in the previous week? How far did they have to travel to play their current game? Have they been on a losing streak?

These can all determine how well a team will play since a team that’s tired and discouraged will have a hard time summoning up the energy to pull off a win, even if they’re playing against a team they’ve beaten before.

Ready To Get Started With Baseball Betting?

Now you know how to start making money with baseball betting. As you can see, research will be your friend as you determine who to bet on and will help you win more often.

If you’re ready to get started and want some expert advice, check out our MLB betting package. With it, you get to join two betting clubs and gain access to well-known handicappers that have outstanding win records.