Advantages of RealBookies.Com PPH Sportsbook

Aug 30, 2019

Realbookies has established themselves as a leading pay per head provider and at $10 per head – if your player doesn’t play, you don’t pay. With over 20-years in the pay per head industry, this group has established an overall trust among bookies that’s second to none.

If you’re looking for integrity, gaming know-how, superior customer service, and value, then you must give Realbookies a try. You will not be disappointed.

  • You get what you pay for and don’t forget this! The PPH industry is watered down with mediocre competition that offers its services for $3. What would you rather have a $25 pair of shoes from a discount retailer that will last for three months, or would you rather spend a few more bucks and invest in a pair of shoes that you can wear for 3-years? Realbookies is that group, they are the better shoes and fortunately, they have not priced themselves out of the working-bookies budget.
  • Realbookies have set their pricing at a moderate range and for this reason, there is an obvious appeal. No matter what you may be looking for in a PPH, it’s likely that Realbookies offers it on some level. With pricing set at $7 and $10 per head, you know that you’re getting a fair deal and here is why…
  • You may be a small bookie, you maybe medium-sized, or you may have 1,000 players. Realbookies rewards you with volume discount, so the more you bring, the better.
  • Get online today with instant activation. Why wait for a week or two while some unknown company is making promises they can’t keep. With Realbookies, your players can be playing today.
  • You pay when players play. With Realbookies you will not pay for inactive players and to boot, you players have unlimited playing time, meaning they are allowed as many wagers as they care to make in the fiscal week.

*With Realbookies you can now offer your client the very latest in online gaming technology with the best bookie software in the industry. Bookies rave about an interface that has not only set up a great online sportsbook but a Las Vegas-style casino, along with a top-notch racebook that features the prestigious track from around the world.

  • The management at Realbookies understands what gamblers want because they have been gamblers themselves, even better yet, they understand what bookie want, because they have been bookies. The gaming industry is a small world and many of the best bookmakers today were at one-time gamblers. Realbookies knows what players want and look for in an online bookie, and they have done everything it takes to bring that to you in the form of a PPH.

Even more, benefits to suit your clients—

  • Realbookies has made it a point to appeal to all gamblers not only sports gamblers.

Why you must offer a casino

  • You must have a casino for a few reasons, however, the first would be the profit margins. Profit margins in a sportsbook can be marginal and you want a backup plan. Realbookies is offering a fantastic casino that is guaranteed to keep players engaged. There are downtimes with sports gambling, and you must get the most out of every player you have. In order to get the most, you want them playing at every opportunity.
  • There will certainly be days when you kill it in the sportsbook, there will be other days when you get killed. Be sure to offer a casino and when players get bored, they will come calling. Realbookies has figured this out and their casino platform is second to none.

If you are a bookie and looking to expand your business, then you must make the leap to a pay per head. Realbookies is offering a 4-week, full-service free trial. You pay nothing to test drive an already proven product.

Should this game not be for you at the end of the trial period; no hard feeling and everyone walks away as friends, you can keep the profits you earned. With Realbookies, uptime and player security is a top priority. They believe in uptime.

You must have your site up and operational at all times and you must trust your PPH provider. Now is the perfect time to jump in the mix and give it a try. You have nothing to lose and your clients will love you.

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